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Are you serious about learning how to play a musical instrument? Was this the hobby that you always wanted to learn but never had the chance? Are you aware that playing musical instrument greatly develops children’s brains and their ability to focus? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have found the right place! We have classes for kids, teenagers, and programs for adults.

Our teachers are highly qualified professional musicians that not only held MsA Degrees but also have a long history of performing at well-known and recognisable venues around the globe as well as teaching music.

Students signing for classes will be thought playing various musical instruments as well as music theory which is an integral part of the lessons. The ideal age to start children’s musical experience is when they are 3 or 4 years old. Most of the programs at this level are about 30 minutes in length and involve props, movement and singing. Classes consist of small children groups. Slightly older children will learn basic music theory concepts and continue developing their musical skills.

Children Musical Development Classes

Everyone is musical! Classes teach introduction to rhythm and rhythmic development, ear training, solfeggio, using different methods, including Suzuki. Come and feel the beat in this lively class. Hands-on experience includes rhythms and songs on various instruments. Music literacy will be addressed, as well as enhancing aural skills. Using fun games and innovative instruction, students will prepare for an end of the semester performance. All instruments and materials will be provided.

Group Violin Lessons

Beginning violin students will improve technically and musically in a group environment that fosters teamwork and encouragement. Each class will include time spent learning how to read music and a session on playing position in addition to practicing repertoire. Solo and group material will be equally emphasized so that students learn how to play by themselves and with other musicians.

Group Piano Lessons

Group piano classes are taught on touch sensitive keyboards. The curriculum is developed for group work. Our teachers have plenty of supplemental activities to reinforce concepts, and to keep busy students who finish assignments before everyone else. All materials used are age appropriate. The curriculum includes plenty of variety in order to revive interest when students get tired or lose focus. This gives everyone plenty of time for individual attention, but allows for camaraderie to develop. Group dynamics add to the “fun” elements of the class.

Semi-private piano lessons are intended for more advanced students with a minimum of two years of class piano. The students will be paired by level and will work on piano techniques, repertoire, including some pieces for piano duet, sight-reading, and keyboard theory.

Group Drums Lessons

To give all children a great experience with music, it’s best to choose instruments that are age-appropriate for the size and development of their bodies. A good age to begin Percussion – Drum Set is between 5-8 years old. We will work on basic techniques, reading notation, improvisation, and performance for drum set. The class will work on individual pieces as well as ensemble works. Join us for a fun group learning experience.

Group Guitar Lessons

This class will explore the basics of harmony as applied to the guitar. Students will learn note locations and how to construct basic chords and melodies on guitar. We will also focus on gaining strength, agility and coordination of both hands and learn how to create effective rhythmic and dynamic performances. We will apply these skills and knowledge to various forms of mainstream popular music and use simple lead sheets and recordings as a guide. Students may influence which songs and artists will be considered. This class will be geared to beginner to elementary level students. If there is interest in an intermediate level class we will consider adding a second section.